Top 5 Uses For An Old Toothbrush

Top 5 Uses For An Old Toothbrush


There’s life in the old toothbrush yet!


So your trusty old toothbrush head is starting to fray around the edges and if you have listened to the advice of your dentist, you know that it is time to change it. The question is what do you do with it now? If your answer is through it away then why not consider up cycling it? The British Dental Health Foundation recently conducted research and discovered that four out of every five people surveyed said that they will often re-use their toothbrush for another task.

Listed below are five of the most popular ones:

  1. Cleaning kitchen appliances –There are so many kitchen items that you would swear the toothbrush was specifically designed to clean. For example it is perfect for cleaning all the cheese out of graters. They are also idea for cleaning between appliance knobs and buttons.
  2. Adding a sparkle to jewellery – There are a lot of articles online dedicated to doing this but basically, this will work on virtually any metal like gold, silver and platinum.
  3. Filthy keyboard beware the old toothbrush. It is perfect for getting in between all those difficult to reach keys and making it nice and shiny again.
  4. Shining shoes and removing mud from the tread of shoes.
  5. Four in ten people surveyed said that they used their old brush for scrubbing bathroom tiles making it the no.1 activity. Soft bristled brushes are perfect for removing those stubborn stains. Just dip it in some stain removing agent like vinegar or bleach and brush away.


toothbrushHere are some of the other things that didn’t make the top 5. Cleaning features a lot and things that were cleaned include archaeological artefacts, fish tanks, finger nails and toilet seats.

At Toothbrush Tech, we thought one of he funniest ones is to comb eyebrows. I would love to know if it’s men or women that do this. It was definitely more women that admitted to using it to apply hair dye. For men, the most popular uses were cleaning golf balls and golf clubs and cleaning bikes.


The most interesting use was using with children’s art projects and painting. Here’s an example of a piece of art produced by using a toothbrush rather than a traditional brush.

There are loads more ideas online. Just type non dental use for toothbrush into google and see what comes up. One comment that made me laugh was from a lady who said

Serious question here: Is it really a good idea to use an old toothbrush, with bacteria from your mouth on it, to clean things such as kitchen tools? I guess this can be alright if you live alone, but you know what they say about sharing toothbrushes.

Fortunately someone pointed out to her the effectiveness of bleach :-).

Top 5 Uses For An Old Toothbrush
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