Toothbrush Timer Apps

Toothbrush Timer Apps Roundup

If you are looking for the perfect toothbrush timer app for your needs but not sure which one to get then you have come to the right place.

In this article we look at some of the timers that are currently available for download on Android and Apple compatible devices. These include timers specifically designed for kids, adults and ones that are suitable for both. By the way, all of the timers we have listed are currently free.


Apps Specifically for Kids

Disney Magic Timer

How do you get kids to do something they think is boring? Stick their favourite cartoon characters all over it! Braun has teamed up with Crest, Disney, Marvel and Star Wars to create an app that interacts with their kids related products like toothpaste and brushes.

disney-magic-timer-reviewAs they brush a picture of a cartoon character is revealed that then gets turned into a digital sticker which they collect. It has a lot of good ideas. One downside is that while the app is free to download, you do need to own at least one product from the Pro-health stages range. This is mainly toothpaste or a brush featuring a character on it.

Overall not a bad app if you are happy to use Oral B\Crest specific products … and I guess a lot of people are because this has been downloaded over a million times. More info here.


Brush Busters

Not to be outdone by their rivals, Brush busters is Sonicare’s equivalent. The game features a male Viking and a female vampire who need help looking after their teeth.

brush-busters-reviewAs your child brushes in the area shown on the game they are rewarded with graphics of nasty stuff flying off the teeth. If they stop the characters ask them to keep going. There are digital rewards given as well and parents can view the amount of time their kids brush.

This app is also free and will apparently work with any toothbrush. However, the app can only tell if the kids are brushing when they use an official Sonicare model. They are not cheap but they are good. You can read our review of it here: Sonicare Kids Toothbrush Review.

Overall, this is a great idea to motivate kids. You do need a Sonicare brush to get the most out of it though. More details here.


Aquafresh brush time

aquafreshbrushtimereviewThis is a two minute song with lyrics that encourage kids to brush. The only problem is the words are quite quick so it may take a while to understand them. Also, this is the only song and I wonder how long anyone, even kids who love repetition, will love this app?

Overall, a good idea but I think that unless they add more content the novelty will wear off quickly. Official Page


Toothbrush Timers for Adults

Oral B 6000 App

This app has been specifically designed to work with their new toothbrush. You can read our review of it here: Oral B 6000 review. It has a two minute timer and the ability to watch videos or see news articles pop up and tells you when to change to the next quadrant of your mouth. You can set timers to change your toothbrush head and a couple of other things.

What makes it more interesting is that it allows you to change the timers on your toothbrush so if there is a specific brush cycle you want then you can create it. You can also send this information to your dentist so you can discuss the results at your next appointment. It will be interesting to see how many people use this function.

Overall, this feels like a beta version. I think the concept has huge potential that has not been fulfilled yet. Watch this space to see what 2.0 looks like.



Brush DJ is an independent toothbrush timer app that was created by a British dentist called Ben Underwood .

The unique feature of this app is that it selects music from your device and plays it for two minutes. It also allows you to set various reminders like brush twice a day, when to change your toothbrush head and when to visit the dentist.

It also contains helpful advice based on the Delivering better oral health document created by the department of health. It usually receives 5 star reviews from people who have downloaded and has been officially endorsed by the NHS. We nearly forgot to mention, that the app is completely free as well.

This has a lot of the features of other apps on the list. What we really like about it however is that it does not feel that you are being advertised to. It feels like an app encouraging you to improve your oral hygiene and for that reason it gets two thumbs up from us. Download links here.


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