ToiletTree Toothbrush

Toilet Tree Electric Toothbrush Review

Watch out Braun, there is a new toothbrush on the market to rival the Vitality! It is by an American company called Toilet Tree and this is our review. This is an oscillating toothbrush which uses the same rotation as Oral B brushes.



  • Rotates at 18,000 RPM
  • 2 Power settings – regular and sensitive
  • 2 Colour options – White or Black
  • Includes a small sonic toothbrush (requires AAA battery)
  • 100% money back guarantee

What do people like about this brush?

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People like the sleek design which means that tooth paste does not build up below the brush head or in crevices. The brush head is small and round with soft bristles. The design is very simple compared to some of the advanced extras on Oral B brush heads.

The charging base looks quite nice and effectively charges the main unit. It has rubber pads underneath for stability and a rippling wave effect on the top which looks stylish. Also, you cannot overcharge the brush if you constantly leave it on the stand which is a nice touch.

People also like the sonic travel toothbrush that comes with it. Although not as effective as the main brush, it is a good alternative to using a manual toothbrush on holiday.

One of the things that has made this company so popular in America is how well they look after their customers. There have been a few instances where an unhappy purchaser has given a 1 star review because the product did not work. Toilet Tree took the time to respond to these complaints and either replace the item or give a full refund. No wonder their customers are so loyal.

Any Negatives?

Essentially, this is an imitation of an Oral B toothbrush without the extras. However, it is well made and customers in both the USA and UK are happy with it.

At the moment the replacement heads are not for sale on the UK amazon site but I am sure this will be added soon. Also this toothbrush has been unavailable for at least a month in the US. We hope this is just a temporary situation but will update this page if that changes.

Get this toothbrush if …

You are looking for a simple but effective toothbrush that has excellent customer support.

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About Toilet Tree

Toilet Tree started in 2010 and are based in New York, USA. They started by selling fogless mirros for the bathroom and expanded from there. They sell all different types of toiletries hence the name Toilet Tree. The company recently started selling their products on Amazon UK.

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