TdotBrush First Look

TdotBrush – The sexiest toothbrush ever?

I was browsing through google very recently checking out news articles on electric toothbrushes (a sad thing you do when you run a website about electric toothbrushes :-)) when I came across the following picture:


I was really impressed with the aesthetics of it and pleased to discover that their are even more designs available as well. My current favorite is the Diamondclean design which is simple but elegant. These designs demand to be looked at and the colours just leap out at you.

Although I really like the look of it I wanted to get a dentists opinion on it so asked my friend Mehmood to take a look at it. This is what he had to say.


T.Brush First Impressions

  The T. Brush is custom designed, newly introduced electric toothbrush in the market. It consists of a circular brush head attached to a beautifully designed long handle. The brush head oscillates and rotates at approximately 9000 revolutions per minute, thereby providing the following 5 cleaning mechanisms to the users:

  1. Clean
  2. Gum care
  3. Sensitive
  4. Whitening
  5. Polish

History and Design

Ryan Donaghy, the Founder of the T. Brush started the company and designed the toothbrush in August 2012. It took almost one year to complete the first prototype, which was formed around August 2013.

In early 2015, the T. Brush appeared in the Dragon’s Den in the UK, and later in mid-2015, started a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds to further testing and industrial manufacturing of the product. The Final product is expected to be delivered to the supporters around December 2015.

What is Unique about it?

Although it seems to be a regular electric toothbrush, it possess the following unique features that gives it an edge over the other powered brushes.

  • Enhanced Battery Life – the T. Brush not only gets fully charged in around 3 hours, the Li-polymer battery provides flawless service for about two weeks before it requires re-charging.
  • Travel Case Cum Charging Dock – the elegantly designed travel case not only allows the T. Brush to be easily carried anywhere, but it also conveniently becomes a charging dock for the brush. Simply plug a USB charging cable into the mini USB port integrated into the travel case, and you are good to go!
  • Universal Voltage Control – now you don’t have to worry about the difference in voltage, while you are travelling into a different country, because the T. Brush possess can operate at any voltage which is being in the country of your stay.
  • Slim Design with Multiple Colours – one of the best features of the T. Brush is the beautifully designed slim structures, which is available in multiple colors and designs.
  • 2 minute brushing timer, including Quad-pacer which indicates when one quadrant has been brushed, and user should move to the next.
    Universal voltage.

What Do You Think of The Different Designs?

In my opinion, it is an excellent idea, as it provides a unique design for everyone. Whether you are a business executive, an artist or a sportsman, there is a design for you which suits your needs and expectations.

What Would Make a Dentist Trust the Effectiveness of Newly Designed Electric Toothbrush?

The rotating and oscillating technology of the T. Brush has already been time tested to provide up to 100% plaque removal in comparison to the manual toothbrushes. However, many experimental and clinical studies are needed before the dentists start recommending the product.

The manufacturer claims that multiple tests have already been conducted on the device, but more need to be performed which require further funding and support.

Mehmood’s Summary

Yes, the design and technology look quite impressive. However, before I could recommend it to my patients I need to have a look at the data from the experiments and clinical trials performed on the toothbrush.


My Thoughts

Having read Mehmood’s thoughts I got in contact with T Brush via facebook about trials and was pleasantly surprised that they responded within 24 hours. This is what they had to say.


In my opinion, this rechargeable toothbrush is based on a very popular model that has been proven to be effective. I am of course talking about the Oral B 5000. So I think that they will be effective. It is always good to see independent companies take on the big boys and give the consumer more options and choice.

Watch out Oral B & Sonicare, there is a new toothbrush coming and it looks amazing!

Want to buy one?

If you would like to get your hands on one of these lovely brushes then they are currently only available through their kickstarter campaign which you can see here. Hurry though, because the campaign finishes at the end of this month.

I wish them every success with this exciting range of rechargeable toothbrushes.

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