Sonicare Reverse Graffiti

Reverse Graffiti Christmas Mural

sonicare reverse graffiti

This is a charming story to fill to get you in the mood for Christmas. Phillips Sonicare gave some of their sonic toothbrushes to a reverse graffiti street artist called Moose and asked him to create a Christmas themed mural. The artist whose full name is Paul Curtis but goes by the tag Moose founded a movement called reverse graffiti so instead of using spray paint or adding something to a surface, clean tagging is all about creating art in dirt. Could this be the best sonic toothbrush for teeth and art?

Normally a dust tagging artist uses tools like wire wool, industrial cleaning products or even high-pressure washers to create the art. With these tools shapes and designs are created in the mud leaving surfaces clean rather than vandalized. Moose came up with the idea while he was washing dishes and the technique has gone on to be used by famous street artists like Banksy.

For this sponsored piece of art, Sonicare gave Moose one of their Philips Diamondclean sonic toothbrushes and a cobbled wall covered in Moss in the South Bank area in the heart of London. The entire project took just under three days to complete. Watch the video below to see how he did it.

Using this unusual device that is normally used to clean teeth, Moose created snow capped trees, reindeer, log cabins and a jolly snowman. The reason that Moose accepted the challenge was that no-one had ever used a toothbrush to create this type of artwork before. He had a lot of fun creating it and passers by love it. One passer by said how much it brightened up the place and added a sense of Christmas spirit to an otherwise cold and wet December. We hope this brought a smile to your face as well.



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