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Philips Sonicare Kids Review


If you have young toddlers running around your house then you probably hear the word NO a lot. “Get dressed”, “eat your food”, “clean your teeth”, “stop hitting your sister”. The one we want to look at today is changing the no to a yes for cleaning your teeth.

We all know that oral hygiene is really important and if you can get your child into good habits now then they tend to stay for life. With that in mind you would think that a lot of manufacturers would create electric toothbrushes suitable for children but you would be surprised by the lack of options out there. Thank heavens then for Sonicare who have created a sonic toothbrush especially for kids from 4 to 10 years old.

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Introducing the Kids Sonicare Toothbrush

Sonicare gave adults the innovative Diamondclean toothbrush, but what makes this kids electric toothbrush so special? The answer, you will be pleased to know, is lot’s of things. Firstly the design of this kids sonic toothbrush is, dare we say it, cool. It uses bright bold colours that are attractive to young eyes and you can customise it with a variety of different stickers. These stickers are reusable so your children can change the designs and go back to their favorites whenever they want.

The base is nice and chunky, which is suitable for young hands. It is easy for your child to place the brush in the upright position without it falling over. This might not sound like much, but to those of us with perfectionist children, this means a lot! Another brilliant thing is the fact that the base does not roll when lying down. This means that your independent child can apply the toothpaste to their brush all by themselves.

It is also great if your child has braces. Cleaning doesn’t hurt their mouth but it is still effective and gets in between the braces and their teeth.



Philips sonicare kids replacement heads

There are two brush heads available which are roughly based on age. For young ones aged between four to seven, there is a compact head and for seven to ten their is a standard brush head which is slightly bigger. The actual brush heads themselves are beautifully soft and perfect for youngsters.

You will be glad to know that they recommend replacing their brush heads every 6 months which is 3 months more than the adult recommendation. I know some adults only replace their heads every year when the bristles are so frayed that cleaning is impossible. However, it is recommended that you follow this guideline because some minors can chew their heads or brush a bit too excitedly and wear the heads out a lot faster. The cheapest place to buy new heads is Amazon.



Any Minuses

There are a few small minuses and one big one. The newer model does not come with the compact brush head which means you need to buy it separately. You need to remember to recharge it so that it doesn’t run out. Having said that you can charge it up enough to use it, use it, and then place it back on the charger. You cannot overcharge it either so you can simply leave it permanently on the charger without worrying.

Another minor problem is to do with my son rather than the brush and that is, he is a bristle chewer. We get through manual models once or twice a month because he chews rather than brush. That’s alright when it costs a $1 to replace but sonicare kids brush heads are considerably more expensive than that. The main problem with this toothbrush is the cost of the heads. For the cost of two heads you could buy a new one! However, one user said that since their offspring started using it the chewing has dramatically reduced.



Philips Sonicare for Kids Video Review


Final Thoughts

We like the Sonicare kids toothbrush a lot. It feels like Philips have put a lot of time and effort into thinking through oral hygiene that makes both youngsters and their parents happy. lthough, this is considerably more expensive than buying manual or battery operated ones it is designed to last your child 6-7 years so divide the cost by the number of years and actually it is not so bad.

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A great article about a family who used this toothbrush to help their children who are on the autistic spectrum brush their teeth. Read here.

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