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Here at Toothbrush Tech, we appreciate quality. Take for example the Sonicare Diamondclean. It’s design is faultless, it has loads of features including a whitening mode and it cleans your teeth really well. It is also the most expensive electric toothbrush that Sonicare sell. You can read our review here:

However, we think it is worth the money which is why we included the Diamond clean into our best electric toothbrush list two years in a row. The brush retails at around £200 making it one the most expensive toothbrushes available from their makers.

Another popular option at Toothbrush Tech is the Oral B 6000 which look good, cleans well and has lot’s of gadgets. That retails at just under £100.

However, those prices will seem dirt cheap when you compare them to the new toothbrush from Reinast which retails at a whopping $3200 Euros which at todays exchange rate works out at just over £2300!

There are a lot of questions that I have about a £2k toothbrush but the main two are why and who on earth would pay that much for one? Dr. Djorde Djokovic, the Chief Technology Officer for Reinast spoke to Gizmodo and explained some more about the product.


Interview with Gizmodo


“We wanted to create something that was unique in design and beauty—something that didn’t already exist. And judging from our clients’ feedback, we certainly think we’ve accomplished that.

Plus, we wanted to create something lasting out of what would otherwise be a throwaway product. Toothbrushes get thrown out all the time; we wanted to make something that was both enduring and luxurious. In addition to being functional, obviously. These are the goals we had in mind.

When we started, we wanted to integrate wood into the product but this turned out to be technically almost impossible since the product is not totally symmetric. We had the best wood carvers and specialists involved—and they gave up. So we decided streamline it into a sleek, uniform product made from solid titanium.”

And stubborn though that shape may be, it looks the way it does for a (vaguely ironic) reason: Reinast’s designers wanted to emulate a stick.

Specifically, they were working from the base concept of a miswak branch, which provided ancient Egyptians with one of the earliest forms of tooth hygiene.

From there, though, much of the final shape came from far more subjective sources. Control groups were given various prototypes to hold in the form of “haptic feedback tests.” Whichever felt nicest in the hand would win that particular round. After multiple rounds, the lucky winner was chosen.

And after holding this entire-used-car’s-worth of a toothbrush for ourselves, we can indeed confirm that—yes, sure, it feels nice. Then again, so does heroin.


2 Chainz Reinast titanium toothbrush Video

Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that I will get a chance to try out this toothbrush for myself. So who has tried it out? Someone classy, someone with sophisticated taste? How about a rapper called 2 Chainz. You can see his experience in the video below. Warning. This video contains some strong language.

I do not think that 2 Chainz was too enamored by this Titanium toothbrush. Would you buy it? I doubt very many people would. However, this isn’t a brush for regular folk.


In the words of Djokovic’s:

“The type of client we have in mind and are currently selling to are those with an incredibly high net-worth. People who have their own yachts, people who have their own private jets—it’s for people who can spend this amount of money on a product they deem beautiful. And one that doesn’t exist on the market elsewhere.”

Which is partly why what you see above is just the baseline. With the help of Greek jewelry designer Theodoros Savopoulos, Reinast custom built a diamond-embedded version of the toothbrush for a Middle Eastern sultanate. The company wasn’t able to disclose images of the final product, but you get the idea.


So there you have it. The worlds most expensive toothbrush and its not even electric! You can find the official site for the titanium toothbrush here.


To read more check out the original article written by Ashley Feinberg at Gizmodo here.

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