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Quip – the minimalist toothbrush


For me, 2015 is getting better and better. Every time I type electric toothbrush into twitter, Facebook or google I discover a new company entering the oral hygiene world. This is great for Toothbrush Tech because it means we get lots of news and reviews to write. It also keeps the big boys like Oral B & Sonicare on their toes forcing them to constantly review price and create innovative toothbrushes themselves.

The new company I have just discovered is called Quip who have created a fantastic new toothbrush at an affordable price.

Introducing Quip Toothbrushes

The three main problems that frustrate your dentist the most is that people don’t brush their teeth regularly, for long enough and don’t change their toothbrush heads often enough. You are meant to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and change your toothbrush every three months. These concepts are not made up; they are backed by scientific proof.

Quips answer to these problems was to create both manual and electric toothbrushes with a subscriptions service that sends you a new toothbrush head every three months. They will even send you a new mint fluoride toothpaste if you want it as well.

The price plans are very affordable making this a very enticing deal indeed. You can choose between a plastic or metal handle with a variety of different colours. The cheapest handles are $5 while the most expensive handle is $40. That’s roughly £3.44 to £27.50.

Quip decided that what people need from a toothbrush is a straightforward, attractive but affordable design devoid of gimmicks and unnecessary technology.

They talked with dentists to create a product that avoided the tricks and instead produced a cleaning experience that dentists could recommend.


Stylish and affordable


While Quips toothbrushes may be cheap, they are certainly not tacky and certainly a million miles away from the stuff you find at the £1 shop.  Quip is currently only available from their official site. You can buy from them but unfortunately you have to pay an extra $8 delivery charge.

Hopefully, this company will take off and start to sell directly in the UK. I think they will do really well here because we Brits prefer non-hyped functional products over hype every time.



Why not have a look at the other end of the spectrum and check out a classic brush with some great features here: http://toothbrushtech.co.uk/braun-oral-b-5000/

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