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diamondcleanreviewPhilips Sonicare Diamondclean Review

Have you ever used a sonic toothbrush before? Lots of people who use them rave about the sonicare range. If you are looking for the best sonic toothbrush on the market and what you spend on your oral hygiene is not an issue, then the Sonicare Diamondclean rechargeable sonic toothbrush is well worth considering. It combines all the great technology from previous models with brand new toothbrush heads.

Although the recommended price for this rechargeable toothbrush is a whopping £250 you can buy then for considerabally less than this ( see lowest price matching).


We have also collated the three big online retailers to show you the latest prices so you can get this toothbrush at the best possible price. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the comparison table

The Philips Diamond clean comes in two three four colours. They options are original white, black, last years addition pink and this years new colour is Amethyst. All four have unpretentious but sophisticated designs. You can see pictures of each one on this page. Click on the smaller pictures to expand them.


DiamondClean Amethyst

Amethyst is the new colour edition for 2015. There are no new additional features or functions like Bluetooth. The technical name for the new design is Amethyst, which is a deep purple metallic colour.

Apparently, the reason that Sonicare chose this design is because they are following the latest runway trends and top level designers. The designers have been inspired by the metallic and colours of deep space. If you type “Amethyst Galaxy wallpaper” into an image search engine then you will get an idea of what inspired them.

“The combination creates a standout aesthetic that is unexpected and daring in a traditionally white space.”

Philips Sonicare has decided to release a new colour each year because they are of the opinion that nothing needs to be changed on the functionality of the brush itself. We look forward to seeing if they stick with this pattern next year as well.

Although, the new edition was released at the end of July in America they have only just become available in the UK this month. As far as we can tell Boots are currently the official place selling them at £125. You can also buy them from ebay and Amazon but they are a lot more expensive.

The completely black/white/pink/amethyst bases are only broken up by the LED lighting which shows you the battery life left and which mode it is set to. Personally we really like the look of the new purple design. The different colour editions are roughly the same price at the moment, but the original white edition tends to be £5-10 cheaper.

You used to have to pay extra for the colour editions but at the moment they are virtually the same price. ** Bookmark this page so that you can easily compare prices **


The lithium-polymer battery life on this Philips Sonicare toothbrush is terrific and can last for up to 3 weeks. Charging is straightforward as well. You simply place the base into the small sized glass or the USB charging travel case that also comes with it.

There are five different settings to choose from which are:

  1. clean
  2. white
  3. polish
  4. gum care
  5. sensitive

The settings can be moved between by using the button located on the middle of the base. Clean is for your everyday two minute clean and so is sensitive mode but is a lot gentler. White mode gives you a two minutes and thirty second timer which works at whitening your teeth.

sonicarediamondcleanblackThe polish mode is set for an intense minute that is used on your front teeth. It is quite intense but you can really feel it blasting away stubborn stains and whitening your teeth. Gum mode is also a minute long but is far gentler and allows you to massage your gums. This is something that dentists recommend you do but most people don’t so its nice to have a feature that encourages you to do this.

Last but definitely not least is the sensitive mode is very gentle and if you have never used a sonic toothbrush before it is recommended that you start with this setting. As you get used to the sensation you can build up to the more powerful options.

The Diamond clean also comes with the standard timer two minute quadrant timer that most models have these days. If you combine this with a really good whitening toothpaste you can really start to see the difference to the colour of your front teeth in a short space of time.

The New DiamondClean Brush Head

What makes this model unique from previous models like the flexcare or easyclean is the new brush head. The bristles are shaped like a diamond (hence the name). The high density bristles are angled which Sonicare says help to remove stains and give you whiter teeth after using it twice a day for seven days.


Basically the new technology they used has allowed them to cram in loads more bristles than their previous heads and more than their competitors as well. These brush heads really are good quality and they make your teeth feel absolutely fantastic.

The heads come in two sizes, regular and compact. They recommend that you change your brush head every three months for continually great performance and brush strokes the heads have indicators that let you know when they need changing. However, we think you could use them for a bit longer and not notice a big difference because they are really good quality.

The diamondhead  combined with the motion of sonic toothbrush increase tooth coverage and are fantastic at removing plaque. The technology also drives fluid across your gum line which really helps to remove plaque in those pesky hard to reach areas.


Video Review

Any negative feedback online?

If you are using sensitive mode then you have to press the button five times, during which the it starts, which means that you must have the toothbrush in your closed mouth if you don’t want toothpaste all over you. It’s a small thing but some people found this really irritating.

A very small number of people have complained about gum recession after using this toothbrush for a long period of time. A few people also complained about battery life but it sounds to us as though they had received damaged models. If that happens it’s really important to return it as soon as possible. I know it’s not the British thing to do but when you spend a lot of money on a toothbrush you deserve the best!

If you already own a Sonicare flexcare platinum or plus model with UV Sanitizer and don’t think it’s worth upgrading for to the diamond clean for the polish and white mode then you will be pleased to know that the new diamondclean brush heads are compatible with all the latest editions of the Sonicare range. Do double check on their website to make sure that you don’t have an older model. After reading our Philip sonicare diamondclean review you can see that we still think this is much better than a manual toothbrush.



If you are after a high end sonic toothbrush with loads of features and one of the best battery lives on the market then buy this electric toothbrush. The Philips Sonicare Diamondclean toothbrush is fantastic!

NameBrush Strokes per minuteBrushing ModesAdditional FeaturesPrice £  
Diamond Clean - White31,000Clean
Gum Care
Travel Case
battery charge lasts for three weeks.
2 minute Quadrant Timer
Low battery indicator

Diamond Clean - Black
Diamond Clean - Pink
Flexcare Platinum
RRP £200
low, medium, high intensity settings
Pressure Sensor
Travel Case
battery charge lasts for three weeks.
2 minute Quadrant Timer
Low battery indicator

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