Philips Sonicare Airfloss Review

Philips Airfloss Review

Sonicare are known for producing high quality sonic electric toothbrushes that work exceptionally well. The only problem with them is that they are not cheap. For example, the diamondclean toothbrush is currently the most expensive toothbrush on the market.

Flossing is really important.

The company also created an oral irrigator called the Sonicare Airfloss which is not cheap. If money is an issue for you then there is no point with you carrying on with this review.

In our first Sonicare airfloss review we said that it was not cheap. Since then the price has dropped dramatically making it more affordable. Read on to find out if we think this is good value for money.


The importance of Flossing

If you are regularly use dental floss then you know that it can be a messy and sometimes painful job. There can be times when it can cause your gums to bleed. Also, trying to reach between your back molars can be very tricky and make your jaws ache.

The waterpik ultra water flosser is a good alternative that is easy to use. The only problem with that is that it requires a lot of water to use it so it’s not a good idea to do it just before you are going to work. Also, if you set it to a high pressure mode then you may need to fill the tank up half way through cleaning which is frustrating and adds more time to your oral hygiene routine.

The Airfloss was created to be quicker and more effective than using dental floss or picks. It reduces mouth ache by making it easier to reach back teeth and reduces the chance of bleeding gums. It is also cleaner and less messy than using a water flosser.


How does it work?

The airfloss is a handheld tool that is similar in design to a Sonicare toothbrush although it’s slightly heavier and the base is thicker. The base unit has two buttons which are on/off  and the ‘blast’ button. It has a detachable head or nozzle on the top which Sonicare say you should change the every six months but you could probably get away with using them for longer. You can buy a three pack of nozzles on amazon for under twenty quid which is not bad compared with the cost of their toothbrush heads. It also has a great battery life that the company has become synonymous with.


After it has been fully charged you place the pick in between your teeth and press the button. What happens next is that it blasts a combination of high pressure air and liquid in between the gap dislodging any plaque or food that might be stuck there. For particularly tough debris you can blast a couple of times to fully clear it. You then move onto the next gap until you are finished. It’s quick and painless and certainly a lot easier to work on your molars. You can complete a regular cleaning session in just under a minute. You can also do a more thorough clean once or twice a week when you have more time.

The sensation is strange at first but not unpleasant and it doesn’t take long before you are used to the experience. If you use this after eating, especially something that is prone to get stuck in your teeth like rib or steak, and then you quickly see how effective this is.

One thing that I nearly forgot to say. Make sure you close your mouth when using it otherwise you end up with food debris and spittle all over the bathroom mirror!

Who is this not for?

 This product is not as effective as traditional dental flossing or water flossers. If you use either of those items then you may well be disappointed with the results. This item is much better suited to people who don’t floss at all.

Who is the Airfloss good for?

airflosstableThe key to good oral hygiene is consistency. The Philips Sonicare Airfloss was designed to be simple and easy to use so that flossing quickly becomes part of your regular routine.

If you hate using regular picks or water flossing then this is a very good alternative. It’s gentle on gums, brilliant at removing food debris around braces and it does a really good job of cleaning between your teeth. In fact research has shown that using a Philips airfloss is more effective on plaque in-between teeth than brushing alone.

There is now a pink version available as well.

When we first wrote our Airfloss review, the price was just under £80. Now it is down to just over £40. We have no idea how long the price will stay this low for, but if you want one now is a good time to buy.

Flossing makes a huge difference to dental hygiene.

Combine this with a good quality electric toothbrush and you have the ultimate team for combating plaque. Goodbye bad breath and hello cleaner, whiter teeth.

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