Oral B 6000 Review

Oral B 6000 – Toothbrush 3.0

Just when you thought there was nowhere else to go with electric toothbrushes, Oral B release a brush with Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to track your brushing, contact your dentist and walk the dog! OK so one of those is not true but this could have a big impact on our oral hygiene. Read our Oral B 6000 review to see if this is the perfect toothbrush for you.


Oral B SmartSeries Features

This oral b toothbrush is one of the top end premium models from their electric toothbrush range. It has 5 different cleaning modes which are daily clean plus triple pressure sensor, gum care mode, sensitive mode, whitening mode and deep clean mode which allows you to brush longer for a deeper more effective and thorough clean.

The actual brushing action uses Oral B’s brand new 3D movement technology. 3D movement means that the toothbrush pulsates, oscillates and rotates for the ultimate in tooth by tooth cleaning. It also has a triple pressure sensor that automatically reduces brush speed if you are brushing too hard. The different modes are fantastic, especially if you have sensitive teeth.

If you have used an Oral B toothbrush before then you know that they offer a variety of different brush heads so that you can customize your teeth cleaning experience. You will be glad to know that the Oral B 6000 is compatible with all those brush heads and even comes with some extra brush heads to try out.


What’s in the box?

This Bluetooth toothbrush comes with lot’s of extra goodies including a travel case and a variety of different brush heads and a comprehensive manual that is easy to understand. The toothbrush itself looks good with its sleek ergonomic design and blue LED lighting. It also feels comfortable in your hand when you hold it.

If you have seen the Oral B 5000 models then you might know that it comes with a wireless smart guide and the 6000 also has this feature. What makes this toothbrush so unique is the fact that has Bluetooth connectivity. Basically what this means is that you can connect it to any android or apple I product. Yes that includes your ipad! This allows you to track your brushing progress over a long period of time and even share it with your dentist.


The Oral B App

When I first heard about the Bluetooth toothbrush app concept I was a bit skeptical but then I thought we use our phones for gaming, buying, socializing and even dating so why not use it to clean our teeth! The app was easy to find and download. Although the manual can be quite daunting, it was actually pretty straightforward to sync the toothbrush up to the app. Then the toothbrush starts to log your progress which it turns into pretty statistics for you to look at.


The best thing about the app though is that not only does it receive data from the toothbrush but it can actually send information back to it so you can really personalize your brushing. The main focus of the app is to encourage you to brush consistently and effectively for the full two minutes that dentists recommend.

Now we have seen various comments about people being reluctant to take their phones into the bathroom whilst brushing for fear of dropping it into the sink. If you are one of those people fear not, because the handle can store up to twenty brushing sessions, so you can sync it up away from the bathroom at a later stage.

What do others say about it?

Comments from other users are very positive. One user said that their teeth much felt cleaner for a lot longer after switching from a manual toothbrush to the Bluetooth Oral B brush. The Oral B 6000 is first and foremost a fantastic electric toothbrush. The additional exta toothbrush heads, travel case, stand and smart guide really add to the brush.

We think that the app might put some people off from getting this toothbrush because it looks like a gimmick. Only time will tell but we think that the information it gives will be invaluable to dentists and eventually wireless technology could become common place. If you want a great electric toothbrush without paying for the Bluetooth technology then get the Oral B 5000.

If you have ever had issues with your teeth or gums before then it is well worth investing in the Oral B 6000 because it will help you really look after your mouth for years to come. Another user said that they never realized that different electric toothbrushes could make such a massive difference. We think that the Oral B Pro 6000 is going to be the best electric toothbrush of 2014.


Buying Tip: With most places selling this toothbrush for full price, Amazon is by far the cheapest place to buy the 6000 with up to half price off. There are currently 2 different versions which are the regular and TriZone. The only differences are the toothbrush heads. Simply compare the current prices and select the one that’s cheapest.

Still not sure? Click here to check out our Oral B guide so you can compare the different features and figure out exactly what you need.

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