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I was recently asked via facebook to take a look at a brand new electric toothbrush called the oobrush. There is not a lot of information currently available on it, very few reviews and currently the only videos I could find were not in English. I decided to reach out to a dentist blogger called Dr Mehmood Asghar who had a look at it for me. This is what he had to say about it.

What is the oobrush?

The oobrush is an innovatively designed electric toothbrush that provides thorough tooth cleaning on both the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth simultaneously. It was invented by a by a European dental surgeon (I could not find his name :-(). The Devices consists of circular brushes on both sides, which rotate in an opposite fashion. This ensures complete plaque removal and efficient tooth cleaning.

What is Unique about This Brush?oobrush-head

The oobrush uses the “Bass” method of tooth brushing, in which the brush flows away from the gums towards the teeth, so that the plaque and food debris is also removed from the gingival margins, in addition to all the surfaces of teeth. The simultaneously contra-rotating circular brushes present on each side, not only remove plaque from the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, but also from the gums.

What Features Does it Have?

It possesses the following unique features:

  • Dual contra-rotating brushes – that simultaneously clean the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth and gums.
  • Uses the Bass Method of Brushing – which has been shown by many dentists to be superior in maintaining an excellent oral hygiene and preventing tooth cavities, in comparison to the conventional toothbrushes.
  • Battery Operated – does most of the work for the user.
  • Especially Helpful for Individuals with Braces – since orthodontic patients require enhanced oral hygiene maintenance, this electric toothbrush can be ideal for them in providing efficient and thorough tooth cleaning.

Is the Research Trustworthy?

The results of two clinical studies that compared the effectiveness of the oobrush with the conventional toothbrush and brushing techniques show a visible reduction in plaque index among the users of the oobrush. However, only two clinical trials are not sufficient to provide enough data to prove that the oobrush provides superior tooth cleaning and reduces plaque and tooth cavities. Hence, more clinical trials will be required before dentists wholeheartedly start accepting the results.

What Would Make a Dentist Trust the Effectiveness of the oobrush?

If the results from an increased number of trials will point the superior cleaning ability of the oobrush, in addition to the positive testimonials from the patients, only then will the dentist start trusting the effectiveness of this device.

oobrush_thumbIn Your Opinion, is the Toothbrush a Good Idea?

Yes, because it has a unique and innovative design, in addition to using the Bass method of brushing, which provides better results than the conventional brushing techniques. However, the market price of this product would determine if it comes within the buying reach of consumers.


Would You Buy it, or Recommend it to Your Patients?

Yes, I will, but after I have gone through a few more of clinical trials that evaluate the cleaning efficiency and the safety of this toothbrush. Generally, however, I am impressed with the idea and design of the product.


The oobrush is available from Amazon. Their are two models available which is the rechargeable or battery operated. The rechargeable version is a similar price to a mid-range electric toothbrush from the leading brands and replacement heads work out slightly more expensive.

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You can read Dr Mehmood Asghar’s blog here: http://www.drmehmoodasghar.com


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