Protect sport loving Children’s Smiles!


According to a leading oral health based charity, Children who don’t wear mouth guards or protective gear have a high risk of dental damage.

The British Dental Health Foundation’s studies found that only one third of children utilize mouth protection when playing Rugby. Seeing as how the Rugby World Cup is well under way, this issue needs addressed.

Lack of education, or proper guidance might be the main reason these children are not wearing mouth protection. Unfortunately, this may affect their dental health greatly. As is the case in many physical sports, children may obtain critical dental damage or even experience teeth being knocked out if even a simple pitch is missed. This may lead to unbearable pain and expensive dental repair treatment.

Why are mouth guards important?

Chief Executive Dr Nigel Carter OBE, of the British Dental Health Foundation explains the importance of mouth protection while playing on the field. The Rugby World Cup is not only an amazing experience and occasion for Britain; it is also a great platform to communicate proper safety. Every professional player on the field will be seen wearing mouth protection. They know it would be insane not too.

He states that mouth guards should not be an option for children of any age. This is one of the first important lessons a young Rugby player should be required to learn. The sport Rugby is a very physically involved game. Accidents are prone to happen, and some will lead to damage or even loss of teeth. Wearing proper mouth protection such as a mouth guard is one of the easiest ways to ensure safety.

The RFU, or Rugby Football Union requires that all levels of rugby players wear mouth guards no matter their age or level. They have highlighted the importance of this matter in their regulations. If these regulations state that above school age students have to wear mouth guards, then it should be assumed that children should wear them as well.

Where can I get a good mouth guard?

A typical price range for a well-fitting mouth guard is around £40 – £50. Your local dentist will be able to assist in this purchase and molding process. This is actually an affordable amount of money all things considered. Its much more affordable then a lifetime of dental surgery and repair as a result of injury or damage. These mouth guards can actually protect the neck, jaw, and brain by reducing heavy blows that could cause concussions.

It is imperative that players wear a professional fitted mouth guard during physical sports or activities where heavy objects or moving objects are involved. Some sports are football, cricket, hockey and others. American football, rugby, and boxing are also recommended. All of these sports can cause broken or dislocated jaws, damaged teeth, and other dental injuries.

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