IBP Sonic Toothbrush Review

Is IBP a good alternative sonic toothbrush?

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, there are two brands that are the most trusted in the United Kingdom. They are Bruan’s Oral B & Philips Sonicare. To compete with these two companies you need to either be unique or cheaper than those brands with similar features. IBP Healthcare has tried to do both so let’s so how well they did by comparing their features with the rival brands.

 ibp sonic toothbrush


  • Two minute timer, with 30 second pauses
    • Virtually all electric toothbrushes come with this feature.
  • 40,000 Movements per minute
    • This is the same as the Sonicare sonic toothbrushes
  • 3 Brush which are Clean, Whiten & Massage (for gums)
    • These features are similar to leading toothbrush brands mid range products.
  • 14 days brushing from a single charge
    • Philips toothbrushes work for up to three weeks and Braun for two so this is not bad.

UV Sanitizer

To get a sanitizer with the popular brands you need to pay twice the price. An ultraviolet light sanitation device essentially removes micro-organisms and bacteria from any item you put in it. They are very effective but will not completely remove everything. There are alternatives to these devices but they can be time consuming and sometimes more expensive. The UV sanitizer on the IBP is built into the base unit and looks very attractive. If you like a clean house, then you will love these devices.

Brush heads

If you follow dental guidelines which recommend that you change your brush head every three months then the four brush heads you receive should last you for a year. Prices for replacement heads are similar to Oral B but a lot cheaper than the Sonicare range.


The Actual Toothbrush

The toothbrush design is OK and functional. The buttons are good and it has a non-slip grip. The actual base and charging unit look fine and we actually like the blue swirl design although one reviewer was not so fond of it. It’s slightly thicker than rival models like the Oral B 1000 or Sonicare Easyclean and in our opinion uglier than its rivals. Even the new colgate electric toothbrushes look better.


Click to see full size picture.
Click to see full size picture.


About IBP Healthcare


Founded in 2002, IBP Healthcare specialize in personal diagnostic products. This is everything from   blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring to  heart rate monitors, thermometers,   nebulizer inhalers and even TENS machines.


What do people say about it?

The Positive

The IBP sonic toothbrush has a lot of fans who have been using the brand for years. The independent recently included it in their top electric toothbrush article. People say that they prefer it to using Sonicare toothbrushes and that it offers good value for money. One happy user said “This is my 2nd purchase! My old one is still working perfectly after 2yrs but bought another one as it has been improved with the whitening feature on it and boy does it work!! I have never found a sonic toothbrush that works as well as this one!”

The Negative

There have been some issues with the brushes breaking within a couple of months and needing to be replaced. Another user said she was not a fan of the brush heads. Here’s a small quote from her comment on the QVC page “The head on these brushes are normal rectangular shape, but these do not get into all the nooks and crannies as a small round head would do.”


If you wish to read some more reviews for yourself then click here: IBP Sonic toothbrush reviews.


Where to buy it from

You can get an IBP toothbrush from a variety of places including Amazon and QVC. The cheapest place to currently purchase it however is amazon.


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