Footballers have Terrible Teeth!

Professional footballers have awful teeth!

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How is your football team doing this year? It seems as though a lot of the top premier clubs are struggling in the middle of the table. England has not been successful at international level for a long time either. Well, recent research may have uncovered the problem and you may be very surprised. It is to do with their teeth! I guess these guys have never heard of the DiamondClean.

A very recent report produced by the British Journal of Sports Medicine (or BJSM for short) has uncovered that professional footballers have very poor oral hygiene compared to the average person on the street. The study went to six clubs within England and two in Wales. Researchers studied 187 sets of player’s teeth. This is what they discovered:

  • 4 out of 10 players had cavities
  • 80% have gingivitis
  • 53% had dental erosion
  • 45% were anxious by the quality of their teeth
  • 20% said it even affected the quality of their life
  • 7% said that it had a negative impact on the way they performed during training and whilst playing a game.
  • 40% had tooth decay compared to 30% of similar aged men in the general population.

Pain in your teeth can cause a number of complaints. Continual pain can cause lack of concentration, inability to sleep and sensitivity when eating or drinking.

It really is time that these players sorted themselves out and paid for treatment. Don’t worry about how they are going to pay the dentist bills though. Apparently the average wage of a professional football player in the Premier league is £31k a week. That’s plenty of money to invest in a premium toothbrush like the Oral B 6000 or DiamondClean.

This current research confirms previous studies. This problem does not only occur within British football. Studies carried out in Brazil, Spain and America came up with similar conclusions.


There are a number of theories as to why bad oral hygiene is common among professional football players. The common use of surgery and acidic energy drinks and sugar coated supplements is the most popular theory. Another one is that players are simply too busy to visit a dentist.

In fact a previous study carried out at the 2012 Olympics discovered similar problems amongst professional athletes.



It may be time for clubs to start hiring dentists to oversee the clubs players and staff. It sounds silly but quality of performance could potentially be improved by the smallest of things and great teeth could help. Athletes also need to take responsibility for themselves as well.

The key to sports professional avoiding problems with their teeth is the same advice everyone gets. Brush your teeth twice a day with good fluoride toothpaste. We have a list of the best electric toothbrushes 2016 here.

Also Flossing regularly. Dentists ideally want you to do this once a day but 3-4 times a week will suffice. Mouth wash is also worth considering and keeping hydrated by drinking water. If you mouth is dry it cannot produce spit which is your mouths natural defence against plaque.

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