How much does it cost to charge an electric toothbrush battery?

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This is an interesting question. Well interesting for someone who runs a website about toothbrushes! Do you prefer to leave your toothbrush continuously on its charger stand plugged into the mains or do you prefer to not charge until the battery has run down? Which of these options is not only the best for your toothbrush but also for your electricity bill?


Well it turns out that both options are fine. There is minimal energy consumption and cost regardless of whether the toothbrush is continuously connected to the charger or only when the device battery is low. That’s good if you don’t want your toothbrush to die on you because you forgot to charge it.

There is, however, some best practices that will extend the life of the electric toothbrush. Keeping the device on a constant charge could wear down the life of the battery. Also, Braun advises running the battery on their models to empty on a six-month basis as to ensure it can recharge to its maximum capacity.

What is the yearly cost of recharging an Oral-B electric toothbrush?

Unfortunately we were unable to answer this question for Sonicare toothbrushes but we imagine that the figures are very similar for both companies.

The Oral-B company has stated that their charger is designed only to use 2.8 kWh per year and will never overcharge the toothbrush. Obviously, the end cost will depend on the tariff of the user although the Energy Saving Trust has stated that an average of approximately 14p per kWh. This makes the cost of charging the toothbrush approximately 40p per year.

The Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances spokesperson stated that while it does not add noticeable cost to keep the electric toothbrush constantly on charge, the lifespan of the device will likely be longer if only charged when necessary.

electric-toothbrush-rechargable-batteryOther toothbrush models are similar and will not cost much to charge. The company Ecotricity produced a report stating that among all household devices that require power, an electric toothbrush remains a low £1.22 per year.

Lastly, it remains clear that it is less expensive to run a rechargeable toothbrush than one that is charged by replaceable batteries. A typical toothbrush requiring two AA batteries and replaced every several months will cost approximately £5 per year.

In terms of overall battery life, both companies say that battery life usually lasts for about three years. If you want to get your monies worth however and the charge retention is decreasing, you can keep your brush constantly charging in between use. The downside to this is that you will be paying more for electricity.

There are also numerous websites and videos that show you how to replace a battery for yourself. However, unless you absolutely love your Diamond Clean brush it is a lot of hassle to do and is not always guaranteed to work.

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