Dental Disaster with Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre’s Dentist Disaster


It’s Friday and everybody deserves to laugh out loud on a Friday. That’s why we put up this hilarious video from the popular comedian Michael McIntyre. I know some people don’t like him because he isn’t edgy enough but I like him. He makes brilliant observations, has fantastic comedy timing and tells very funny stories. Isn’t that what a comedian is supposed to be?

Here he relives a very traumatic trip to the dentist to have his wisdom tooth extracted that turns into an absolute nightmare. Fortunately the comedian manages to turn it into a very funny 12 minutes.

This sketch comes from his Showtime tour which is available on DVD. Warning. This does contain a few words you don’t want your children to hear 🙂

I hope you enjoyed that. Here is a very funny quote from a recent interview he gave.


‘At the warm-up gigs before my Showtime tour, I told a dentist story then I heard a bang and everyone stopped and said: “What’s going on?” A man in the audience who had a phobia of dentists knocked himself out as he fainted. I thought: “Great — now people are allergic to my jokes.”’

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