Dental Check UK

Why go to the dentist?

Brushing your teeth is a vital part of looking after your teeth and so is flossing. However, the most important thing is regularly visiting your dentist … as well as brushing your teeth and flossing … just in case I didn’t make that point clear enough 🙂

Most people assume that a typical 6-month check up is all that’s needed. In actuality, some may need more attention and may require more frequent appointments.

Listen to your Dentists appointment suggestions. Often they will inform you of when your next visit should be to maintain optimal oral health.

Most often, check up scheduling can spread anywhere from 3-month, to over a span of 2-years pending on current dental health, future risk, and teeth cleanliness patterns.

But I don’t want to!


If you live in the United Kingdom then you have the opportunity to use an NHS dentist so the cost is not as big an issue.

If you are scared of going to the dentist because of bad experiences in the past you will be glad to know that the techniques and attitudes have change a lot in the past few years. Dentists care about their patients and want the best for you.

When researching this article I typed “why should I go to the dentist” into youtube and the first page is full of people who had horrific problems with their teeth because they did not visit a dentist.

Why Is A Dental Check Necessary?

A dental appointment and routine check-up is imperative to dental health. These appointments allow the dentist to identify current or future problems before they turn into more difficult to treat issues. The earlier these issues are found, the better.

Investing in a good toothbrush is worth it :-)
                             Investing in a good toothbrush is worth it 🙂


What is the typical Dental Check-up Process?

At a routine check up, your dentist should perform the following tasks:

  • Thorough Teeth, gums, and mouth examinations
  •  Investigate any negative personal experiences or pain related to your teeth, gums, or mouth since your last appointment.
  •  Question daily habits such as, smoking, eating, drinking, and teeth cleaning routines.
  •  Offer recommendations for the next appointment.

How often do I need a Dental Examination?

Your Dentist will always advise you on a recommended follow-up date for an appointment. Appointment recommendations can vary from as little as 3-months to 2-years. Often, a 1-year follow up may be necessary and is common for those under the age of 18.

The appointment times are scheduled based around the current health of your teeth, mouth, and gums. A person with exceptional dental health may only need to be seen every 1-2 years. A person with deteriorating dental health may need t be seen more frequently.


What About Treatments?

Any other treatments such as cavity fillings, cleanings, removal, and others will need to be discussed with your dentist. This advice is strictly for routine check-ups.

If any issues arise, contact your dental surgeon or dentist to move an appointment up the calendar. In the event that a dental emergency happened, contact your surgeon or an emergency dental care line to get immediate assistance.

So make sure you visit a dentist and do what they say. Looking after your teeth will not only make you feel better, but also save you a fortune in dental bills and help you avoid pain.

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