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Colgate is a company that is known for its range of toothpastes and manual toothbrushes. A few years ago they teamed up with the healthcare company Omron. If you have not heard of them before, Omron have been around since 1933 and are known for creating clinical quality medical equipment for treatment and health monitoring. They have also created their own electric toothbrushes as well.

Colgate Omron has created three sonic toothbrushes. The aim of this guide is to review them and compare them to each other and different brands. We will also include the cheapest most reliable place to buy them from.

The C200 produces 25,500 strokes per minute, the C600 30,000 and the A1500 model 32,500. Sonicare electric toothbrush produces 31,000 strokes per minute. When you compare the two brands, the C class are outperformed but the A model just beats its rival on stroke per minute.

** January 2017 Update **

The A1500 is now the cheapest that I have ever seen it at just £39.99! That means that it is about the same price as the Sonicare Easyclean but has premium features. If you fancy getting something different then there has never been a better time to buy this toothbrush! (see lowest price).

The C250 is now a similar price to the Oral B Vitality. That makes it one of the cheapest sonic toothbrushes in the UK. If you are on a tight budget but want to try out a sonic toothbrush then this is a great option.

The toothbrush heads for Colgate are also cheaper than their rivals which is another good reason to consider this brand.

** Feb 2016 Update **

Omron have now upgraded their C200 model and now given it the name the C250. Along with the name change the new price is now under £20. This makes it a close price rival to the Oral B Vitality range and the cheapest sonic toothbrush on the market (See the lowest price here).

In fact the prices have decreased across the entire range with the A1500 being at the lowest price I have ever seen it. You can read the full review below. We guess that Colgate Omron had to reduce their prices to compete with their main competitors and build a good reputation.

Colgate ProClinical A1500


The Colgate A1500 is the most technologically advanced out of all the models and is aimed at competing with the Sonicare diamondclean and the Oral B 6000. The issues I have with the C600 model are dealt with here because of the automatic mode. It is currently much cheaper than it’s nearest rivals so is worth considering (see lowest price).

Research has shown that regardless of the type of toothbrush they own, people do not change their brushing techniques. Colgate has come up with a way of helping people to have a good brushing technique. The key to good oral hygiene is to not only use a good quality toothbrush but to use it properly as well. The automatic sensors in the A1500 encourage a user to do this on auto-pilot.

This model use electromechanical components called accelerometers to measure the angle of the device which then tells the brush the type of brushing technique and speed required. These accelerometers are also used in smart phones and tablets to change the screen orientation from portrait to landscape.

Brushing at a 45° angle is really important for removing plaque along the gum line whilst avoiding tooth abrasion but getting this right is actually quite hard. Omron discovered that using accelerometers in a toothbrush along with an LED screen that confirms you are at the optimal angle made users consistently more effective.

If you want to find out more about the science behind the A1500 and the research that went into it then you can read about it here.

Does it work?

colgatea1500So the question is does it work? The short answer is yes it does. You can hear the toothbrush change and feel it as well. It is really good at removing stains from the front of your teeth but when you go to clean your gum line the speed reduces to avoid over brushing.

If you like to be in control or don’t like the concept of a toothbrush dictating the brushing speed then you might find your first few experiences with this brush discomforting. It was a little unnerving at first, having the brush decide how best to polish our teeth, but we soon came to enjoy the sensation and trust in the Colgate computer programmers and enjoy the cleaning sensation. It sounds funny but you also need to be patient and take the time to learn how to use this properly. The most important thing is to get the 45° angle right.

The benefits of having the correct brushing technique cannot be over stated. One user said “it is a completely different electric toothbrush cleaning experience that I have ever experienced before – it’s amazing!” Some users said their dentists were really impressed with their oral hygiene and for some it made a huge difference.

A1500 Video Review

Negative Aspects of the A1500

The biggest complaint about the A1500 was its price. Some people felt that the toothbrush needed more features, like a battery indicator. However, you can get it for half price from Amazon and it is a similar price to the Oral B 5000. It is also considerably cheaper than the Sonicare DiamondClean.

When the brushes were first released, they only came with one toothbrush head though this has now been rectified. Others said they struggled to use this properly. A lot of people mentioned that the charger only comes with a two pin European plug. However, Oral B & sonicare electric toothbrushes also come with a two pin plug so this not uncommon.

Some people said that theses brushes were a lot noisier than other toothbrushes they had used describing the sound as a high pitched buzzing sound. These are sonic toothbrushes and if you have never used one before they can take up to a week to get used to.

First time users have described the experience as having your teeth tickled. The action is more of a subtle vibration than a rotation like the brush heads I’m used to, and this may be a misconception, that the on/off switch was a little too sensitive and possibly in the wrong place.

It was easy to accidently switch off the toothbrush mid-clean. This toothbrush gives your teeth a vigorous clean so if you have sensitive teeth, this might be one to avoid.


This is a fantastic toothbrush where the technology behind it is not just a fad but an integral part of making it an effective toothbrush. Make sure you take the time to read the easy to understand manual to make full use of this toothbrush because it uses different technology from similar electric toothbrushes.

Price Comparison

Use this table to compare features and prices and pick the best electric toothbrush for you.

FeaturesPrice BootsPrice Amazon
RRP £189
32,500Smart Sensors
3 x distinct brushing modes
2 Min Timer
Beeps every 30 sec

RRP £99
30,000Speed/brushing action can be manually
2 Min Timer
Beeps every 30 sec

RRP £59.99
25,500 2 Min Timer
Beeps every 30 sec
Polishes and removes stains from teeth

RRP £50
25,500 2 Min Timer
Beeps every 30 sec

Triple Clean Replacement HeadsPack of 4Also available
Sensitive & Max Clean Heads


Other Model Designs

The C250/600 toothbrushes both have the same physical design but different coloured displays. The C250 has a white base with a grey front display and the C600 has a black display. The A1500 is a different design that is slightly heavier and has a more pronounced angled head. Reviewers have said that all models feel much lighter than rival brands.

They all have a built in quadrant timer. This means that it briefly stops every 30 seconds to let you know when to change and at two minutes the toothbrush automatically shuts itself off. If you want a longer clean or a shorter one you simply press the on/off button to cancel or continue cleaning.

Colgate have not specified how long their brushes last on a single charge but some reviewers have said that they last for a week. Similar Oral B models also 7 days though the more expensive ones go up to 10 days but Sonicare batteries last for up to three weeks on a single charge.

Each model also comes with a travel case that looks similar to a glasses case. In terms of design they are fine and very similar to their rivals who offer similar cases.


Colgate Toothbrush Heads

Click on the image to see it in full size.

Right here, right now

There are now three different options that fit all three models. The triple clean, which uses three different types of bristles which are tapered differently to reach into your gum line and effectively remove plaque from tooth surfaces.

The sensitive brush head has softer bristles that are shaped differently for a gentle but effective clean. A new addition is the max white which is designed to help remove stains and whiten your teeth.

The design on all of these is really good and the bristles feel like they fit the contour of each tooth perfectly. Replacement are just under £20 for four which makes them a similar price to Oral B and much cheaper than Sonicare heads.


** Best Sonic Toothbrush 2016 **
** Best Sonic Toothbrush 2016 **


Colgate ProClinical C250 – ** Newest Model  **


This is the 2015 upgrade to the previous C200 model. Colgate no longer make the C200 but you might still be able to buy them from places like Amazon. It has a quadrant timer that turns off after two minutes and it runs at 25,500 strokes per minute [spm]. This is more powerful than the Sonicare Power up which runs at 15,000 spm but not quite as powerful as the Easy clean which is 31,300 spm.

The actual brush itself is very light and thin compared to other chunkier sonic toothbrushes. In fact, some users said it almost felt like using a manual toothbrush and can be used with older children. To fully charge this sonic toothbrush now takes 10 hours where as the original took 16 hours. The charge also lasts a lot longer than the previous model as well.

If you are after a budget sonic toothbrush then this is a good option. Right now it has no reviews on Amazon so the price is really cheap at between £25-30. If you want to read user reviews for yourself click here.

Colgate ProClinical C200 – Discontinued

The C200 has an on and off button, a two minute timer and that is it. It’s a basic sonic toothbrush that compares to the Power Up by Sonicare. It is more powerful than that model but the C200’s battery is appalling. It is recommended that you charge it twice a week, which takes up to 16 hours whereas the powerup will last for about three weeks on one full charge. Fortunately an upgrade has been released. Avoid this model.

Colgate C600


The C600 has a few extra features and is aimed at competing with the flexcare range. It has an on/off button and a mode button that changes colour and sound to let you know what option you are using. This model is where the uniqueness of Colgate electric toothbrushes starts to take effect. The three different cleaning options are aimed at different surfaces of your teeth. Molars, front/back and gum line. When the mode button has an orange light it is in sensitive mode for teeth. The blue light is for deep clean mode on molars and the white light is optimum mode on the gum line.

Omron say that you should hold your toothbrush at a 45° angle to clean your gums properly and without causing pain. The theory of needing different modes for different areas of your mouth makes a lot of sense. If people can get their heads around what they are doing and start to use it properly, I believe that you can really start to see the difference.

However, there are two problems that I see with the C600. Firstly the quadrant timer makes no sense combined with the different modes. Quadrant timers encourage you to brush different areas of your teeth. If you followed this properly then you would have to press the mode button twelve times in two minutes! With this way of cleaning your teeth, it makes much more sense to use each mode on all the areas that it’s needed before moving on.

The other problem I have seen in reviews is that I really don’t think people fully understand what that the different modes are aimed at different areas of your mouth. I keep seeing reviews from people saying that deep clean mode is too rough on their gums or optimum mode isn’t powerful enough on my teeth. There is less than £10 difference between the C600 and the A1500 so we think it is better to go with the A1500.

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