Braun Oral B 5000

Oral-B 5000 Electric Toothbrush Review

When it comes to regular electric toothbrushes there is is one company that outshines the rest and the best toothbrush in their range is the Oral B 5000. There are currently two versions available which is the oral b triumph 5000 and the newer oral b trizone 5000. In this review we will look at both models and explain the differences.


What’s in the box?

The Oral B 5000 comes fully loaded with lots of features to help with your oral hygiene. The five cleaning modes are daily clean for every day brushing, sensitive mode which runs at a reduced speed, whitening mode for adding sparkle to your teeth, a massage mode for stimulating your gums and a deep three minute clean mode for some hard core cleaning of tough to get to plaque.

The oral b 5000 also has a pressure sensor because brushing too hard can cause damage to your tooth enamel and gums. If the toothbrush senses too much pressure it will make a different sound and reduce the pulsations until you reduce the force. This is a great feature. Some users were shocked that they were brushing too hard and found this feature vital in readjusting their brushing technique.

The wireless Smart Guide is a unique feature to the oral b 5000. It is wireless and can either be stuck on a wall or placed on a shelf. It lets you know which mode you are in, if you are brushing too hard and how much time you have left to clean your teeth. What we found interesting was how much impact the smart guide had on people’s opinions of the toothbrush. Some loved the fact that it gave them helpful data without having to look at their toothbrush. Others thought it was pointless and reduced their rating because of it.


The Bruan Oral B 5000 can last for up to 10 days when fully charged. To fully recharge this Oral B electric toothbrush takes 24 hours. However, you do not need to fully charge it to be able to use it, so you can leave it overnight, use your toothbrush and then put it on charge again so that it doesn’t interrupt your oral hygiene. The manual also states that you can store your oral b triumph 5000 on the charging unit so that it stays fully charged without damaging the toothbrush. To keep the battery working well, the manual suggests that you completely discharge and fully recharge twice a year.

In terms of cleaning your Braun Oral b electric toothbrush equipment you can clean the basic charger and Smart Guide with a damp cloth. The actual brush head compartment and the protective covers are dishwasher safe.



What does it feel like to use?

When we first tried it out, It was easy enough to turn off the demonstration mode that the smart guide comes in and sync my toothbrush to it. You can actually synchronize a guide with two handles if you want to share. The handle has two buttons on it, an on/off switch and one to change cleaning settings. The Oral B 5000 feels comfortable in your hands and not too heavy to hold.

The design itself is simple but elegant but if you want a beautifully designed electric toothbrush then you should check out the Oral B 5000 Black model. The Oral B oscillates 40,000 times and rotates 8,800 times a minute. What that basically means is that you could really feel this bad boy blasting away the plaque on your teeth.




Any Negatives?

I have already mentioned that some people did not see the point of the smart guide at all. Another big complaint was that the charger is designed for shaving adapters so if you don’t have one in your house then you need to buy a separate plug adapter. Some people did not get on with the actual oral b trizone 5000 brush head and felt that it was too soft. A common complaint was the cost. If this is an issue for you scroll down to the bottom of the screen where you can see if for sale with well over 50% off.


Trizone verses Triumph

Essentially the difference between these two names is just the toothbrush head itself. The handle and features are exactly the same on the Trizone and the triumph. The triumph uses the Floss Action head as standard which is meant to be superior to the regular precision clean head. The Oral B Trizone 5000 comes with two trizone toothbrush heads and one IP17 Interspace brush head which you can use on braces. The Oral B triumph 5000 comes with one sensitive, 3D white and floss action brush head.

The trizone is a bigger brush head and you actually use a similar technique to the traditional manual toothbrush. You place the bristles at a slight angle towards your gumlime and against your teeth. Then you brush in a back and forth motion.

The smaller circular heads that you get with the triumph are more about brushing each tooth individually. You guide the head from tooth to tooth spending a few seconds on each one.

In terms of which one is better, that is very much down to personal preference. Both leave your teeth feeling smooth and well cleaned. Having used both though, this reviewer likes the feel of the TriZone brush head.

If you buy a Braun Oral-B triumph 5000 and decide you want a Trizone brush head instead then its not the end of the world. You just need to buy a new brush head because all Oral B heads are compatible with the 5000 model.


Tip: Buy the version that is the cheapest, then buy the heads that you want.🙂



The British Dental Association has given the 5000 a platinum dental rating and we would agree. This is a fantastic toothbrush with some brilliant features. We especially liked the Smart Guide because it really helped us focus on brushing for the right length of time. We think that this is the best oscillating toothbrush available today. Looking for more analytics and Bluetooth tracking? Check out the Oral B 6000 Pro.


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