One of the things that we really like at Toothbrush Tech is the amount of innovation in the industry. You would think that their are only so many things that you can do with a toothbrush right? Well here’s yet another new product for our 2016 reviews that’s challenging us to rethink our brushing mind set.

Introducing the Bogobrush

Heather and John McDougall are the children of a dentist, and understand the value of good dental hygiene and a good toothbrush. In spite of the trend of many high-cost electric toothbrushes flooding the markets, the brother and sister teamed up and designed an affordable yet elegant toothbrush called the Bogobrush in 2012.

One feature of the Bogobrush is that once the bristles are removed, the toothbrush is completely biodegradable. Another unique feature was that for every Bogobrush that was purchased, they would donate one to a charitable organization.

Initially, Bogobrush has some difficulties to overcome during their production. The first design used bamboo handles that could be rendered to compost, but when the manufacturing had begun, they realized that the process yielded a high rate of material loss and would require more resources from overseas.

John McDougall had once said, “With no product, and hundreds of orders to fulfill, we decided to start over with sustainable materials we could source and manufacture locally. The shift was difficult, but it led us to some amazing local factories and material scientists that have helped bring our products to life.”

At first it was hard for consumers to believe that the $10 Bogobrush could be as effective as the electric toothbrushes that were selling for ten times the price.

The McDougalls experimented with many shapes and sizes and found that most current toothbrushes are designed with a power tool style. The other devices’ surface and grip mold the user’s hand into a stiff position. Ideally, brushing teeth should involve a constant spinning motion and adjustment of grip to reach the different regions of the mouth. When researching pro dental tools, they discovered how they functioned and realized that cylindrically shaped grips worked best much like an artist’s brush.

Are you emotionally attached to your toothbrush?


An interesting approach to the dental hygiene of people is how they are actually emotionally invested in their toothbrush. Data has shown that people who spend significantly more money on an electric toothbrush will be more diligent in their brushing. When you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Someone who has spent £100 on the latest sonicare toothbrush or the multi-featured 6000 are looking to seriously invest in their teeth.

This is in light of the fact that manual toothbrushes can be just as effective if used properly. So the McDougalls engineered an approach for the consumer to be emotionally invested in their Bogobrush using aesthetics and being socially and environmentally conscious.

For a small additional price, the Bogobrush has a companion stand designed to keep the brush in an upright, clean and sanitary position, but also show off its unique design. Keeping the toothbrush upright in the open air is safest and cleanest way to store a toothbrush and also a way to proudly display it in your home.

Our thoughts on the Bogobrush

Personally, we prefer electric toothbrushes because the will do a great job even if you don’t. However, if you prefer a manual toothbrush then the design and fact that its biodegradable make it a great option.

You can find out more about this product at the official bogobrush website.

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