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If you have spent much time reading electric toothbrush reviews you may have noticed a number of features that are often mentioned but rarely explained. Some are good and some like the toothbrush sanitizer seem unhelpful. The following guide is designed to help you to understand what different features are and how they help you.

Built in Timers

If you ask any dentist how often you should clean your teeth for, then nine times out of ten they will tell you that you should brush at least twice a day for at least two minutes. With this in mind many power toothbrushes have this feature as standard. How they work depends on the make and model.

Basic models like the Oral B Vitality vibrate and beep after two minutes but will continue. Sonicare brushes will vibrate every thirty seconds and then automatically turn off. Oral B from the 600 model up also beep every thirty seconds but keep going after the two minutes is up. Early Sonicare models also had UV Sanitizers but these seemed more like gimmicks so have quietly been dropped from updated models.

Why beep every thirty seconds?

This is to do with cleaning different areas of your mouth which are known as the four dental quadrants. These segments are separated using an imaginary line that goes between the central incisors of each arch and then divides in half. The arch is a technical term for your top and bottom jaw. If this sounds like a load of gobbledygook then check out the diagram below. Hopefully it will make much more sense to you.

Teeth Quadrants

Pressure Sensor

You may find this hard to believe but a common problem with brushing too hard! If you apply too much pressure to your toothbrush then you can actually start to remove enamel rather than maintain it. Pressure sensors are a popular feature in the Oral B range and what they do is warn you if you are brushing too hard. They achieve this via a red sensor that flashes, the powered toothbrushes buzz and in the 6000 model the toothbrush completely slows down the rotations to prevent any damage to the enamel.

Only one Sonicare toothbrush had this feature and that is the platinum version. We think this was removed because sonic toothbrushes work differently from regular electric models and it is actually harder to brush too hard with them.

Battery Life

The classic saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to battery life on rechargeable toothbrushes. With Oral B the basic models only last for five days. Medium range last for seven days but the new model can last for up to two weeks. The Philips Sonic brushes however will last you for up to three weeks without recharging!

Both Oral B and Sonicare recommend that twice a year you let your battery completely run down by leaving it on until it stops. Then allow it to fully charge which can take up to 24 hours.

electric-toothbrush-rechargable-batteryBasic brushes tend to not include a battery life indicator so it is common to end up half way through brushing your teeth when it completely dies. There is nothing more annoying than when you are in a rush and that happens! Fortunately for a few more pounds you can get a product with a battery life indicator so you don’t get caught out.

When it comes to recharging, the two main companies use charging docks that you have to plug into a shaving socket. If you have a modern bathroom without one of these sockets available then you can buy an adapter for a couple of pounds. The diamond clean does have a usb charger built into the travel case. Also, some of the newer companies releasing their own toothbrush models have also switched to the usb charging design. The Spinbrush Pro and dog toothbrush would be an example of this.

To find out if it is better to leave your brush on its charging dock all the time or take it off read our rechargeable battery guide here.

Oral B 6000


The look design and on board functions are the same as the Oral B 5000 model but this is what we like to call toothbrush 2.0. It’s a toothbrush that uses Bluetooth technology to connect to an app. It also has an excellent selection of brush heads to choose from including the popular deep sweep.

The app statistically records data on your cleaning habits as well as encourage you to brush your teeth for two minutes. The statistics can be shared with your dentist and together you can work on any areas of your mouth that need extra work or simply encourage you to keep up the good work.

 Read the full review here: Oral B Pro 6000

6000 price

The price for the 6000 is insanely low at the moment. It’s only £10 more expensive than the 5000 model so get one now before the price goes up!

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