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Our Favourite Toothbrush Timer App – BrushDJ

Brush-dj-reviewIn a recent article on toothbrush timer apps we listed a whole bunch of them ranging from apps created by big companies to independents, software designed specifically for kids and also just for adults. Of all of the apps we looked at, the one we fell in love with was BrushDJ.

It has a lot a features you would expect from an app like timers for when to change your brush head, visit the dentist etc. It also has some very helpful oral hygiene and gum disease data that is catered for adults and children.

What we really like about it though, is that it uses your music to encourage you to brush your teeth. It pulls a song from your sound track and plays it for two minutes. It is such a simple concept but a brilliant idea. As long as you don’t get fed up of the music on your phone you should never get bored of this app!

Go download it now. Did we mention that it’s free?


The big manual verses electric toothbrush debate

If you look at any independent research into this discussion the you will find that the general conclusion is that “electric toothbrushes are no better than manual ones provided that the manual toothbrush is used correctly. 1 2 “ If you watch the video below, you will see that the professionals used also think that manual is superior to electronic brushing.

The reason I believe that electronic toothbrushes are superior has to do with the second part of the answer which is “if used correctly!” Alternative research has shown that if someone invests in a good toothbrush they are more likely to use it correctly and take good care of their oral hygiene. With an automated toothbrush all you have to do is put it in your mouth and follow the beeps. This is perfect for people not quite with it. Think of a couple with a new-born child (or even twins), someone who has an early start to work or someone hung-over.

Actually research conducted by the Cochrane institute in 2014 found that electric brush strokes were more effective at reducing gingivitis inflammation and plaque. Also electronic brushes are a lot easier to use if you struggle to reach the back of your teeth or have bad physical agility. In our opinion going electric is a no brainer!

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