2015 Aims & Objectives


It is the time of year for making plans for the following year and Toothbrush Tech is no different. This is what we are looking forward to and what we hope to achieve in 2015.


New Toothbrushes

Looking back over 2014 and 2013 there have been some really great products released. First there was the new Colgate electric toothbrush range. We especially rated the A1500 model. You can read our review here: http://toothbrushtech.co.uk/colgate-electric-toothbrushes/

Then there was the new 6000 by Oral B which brought Bluetooth connectivity to the humble toothbrush. The potential for what you can do with this is enormous and we look forward to how this product develops. http://toothbrushtech.co.uk/oral-b-6000-review/

Looking towards 2015 we are looking forward to seeing how Philips Sonicare will react to Bluetooth tech. If the Oral B 6000 takes off then we think they will be forced to release something similar. We are also looking forward to a new Kick Starter funded company joining the market called Kolibree. They are also looking to release a Bluetooth sonic toothbrush. They were due to release late Autumn but that hasn’t happened so we are not sure when their toothbrush will become available.

There is also an American company that we are hoping will release their sonic toothbrush in the United Kingdom. They have received rave reviews in the United States and we would love to get my hands on it to see if it lives up to the hype.


Social Media Interaction

Toothbrush Tech has not really invested in social media yet which is something we are hoping to get into in 2015. We also want to add the ability to leave messages so that you can interact with us. We are looking for a way to do this that avoids us trawling through hundreds of spam comments!

The biggest thing we are looking at is creating a YouTube Channel. There are a lot of really bad electric toothbrush video reviews online. Why do I want to see someone open a box online? Why do I want to watch someone using a product once and then reviewing it? What people need is a comprehensive review based on someone who has used a toothbrush for a long period of time to give an informed opinion. So as you can tell from what we think about the naff reviews online we have decided that we can do better. So in the next couple of months we will be creating some quality video reviews and helpful advice.


New look website

We want to give the website a contemporary new look. We are looking to find a good looking theme that is also easy to navigate. We are also aiming at bringing more quality content to toothbrush tech with regular news as well as reviews. Finally, it is about time we added a best of list so that people can easily see what we think the best rated electric toothbrushes are.

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